Troed Sångberg

bio_photo-320pxTroed Sångberg is a developer advocate with Sony Developer Relations. With a core technical background in the home computer scene of the 80s he’s been a professional telecom developer since the late 90s. Most recently he has worked in research, with an interest in the intersection between disruptive technology and the culture of society. Troed considers decentralisation of creation – how anyone anywhere can invent, distribute and disrupt – to be the major game changer of our times. Troed can be followed at Sony Developer World and @devtroed.sony_logo_black_RGB


Dario Incalza

profilepic_incalzadarioFull-time master student engineering at the department of Computer Science at the KU Leuven university. Majoring in development of secure software with a master thesis focusing on the security of web-based Android applications. Interned as a security engineer in an Android environment. Active member of xda-developers since October 2010, he has been involved with Android development for 4 years and passionate about security since the age of 13-14. He has been combining both of these over the last few years.


Alin Jerpelea

alin_jerpelea_headshotAlin Jerpelea is a Community Manager with Sony Developer Relations. With a core technical background he has been active on XDA since 2006 on multiple platforms. Alin can be followed at Sony Developer World and XDA Developers. sony_logo_black_RGB






Alex Lakatos

AlexLakatosAlex is a Mozilla Representative Mentor and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past four years, based in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania. He’s a JavaScript developer building on the open web, trying to push it’s boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge.





Shane Francis

2014 - 1Shane is an android and tech fanatic who finished his computer science degree just over a year ago, being involved with multiple community driven projects (such as CyanogenMod) as hobbies has driven him to expand his interests into many different fields. Electronics and robotics are another keen interest of his, this extends to projects such as building robots and quadcopters in his spare time.





Alan Pope

Alan_PopeAlan Pope is a Technical Project Manager at Canonical working on Core Apps for Ubuntu for Devices. He’s an Ubuntu user since the first release, and contributor to the Ubuntu community for more than 8 years. Alan likes cats.








Daniel Holbach

Daniel_HolbachDaniel Holbach is Community Manager at Canonical and has been part of Ubuntu’s community for almost its entirety. He’s very excited about where Ubuntu for devices is going. He lives in Berlin, loves music, enjoys DJing, dancing and laughing with people.





Andreas Göransson

ag2-119x150Andreas is a published author and researcher who has been developing wearable projects for the past 5 years together with his friends and colleagues at Malmö University and Aarhus University. During the day he teaches computer related courses to both engineering and design students at Malmö University and during the evening he solves programming problems of various kinds. He is interested in open source projects and gets involved when he has a chance.


Ondrej Kubik

Ondrej_KubikOndrej has been working in mobile industry for past 14 years. His experience started with Symbian/S60 platform and kernel integration for likes of Nokia, Texas Instruments and Samsung. About 6 years ago, he have transitioned to Android where he has been working on innovative features such as dual screen, dual SIM, grip sensor, Ubuntu for Android, dual boot for Android and Ubuntu. He has been also prototyping ports of Android for TVs and Automotive industry. Currently he’s technical Architect at Canonical’s phone delivery team.logo-ubuntu_su-orange-hex


Marvin (alias MaR-V-iN)

headshotMarvin is a computer science student, privacy enthusiast and hacker, who started coding for android at the end of gingerbread era and since then contributed to numerous FOSS projects. If there is time left and he is not administrating server systems or networks, you may find him playing parlor games, traveling or just hanging around with friends. Marvin is a big fan of penguins around him :)



 Zachary Powell

zacZachary is a Computer Games BSc (Hons) graduate, he has a strong passion for not just programing games but also working on Android and other Linux based operating systems. This encouraged him to create the LinuxonAndroid project at the end of 2011 with the goal to develop an easily installed (GNU) Linux operating system within Android.

Now Zachary is working with Vixtel to create the Vixtel Unity tablet; the first tablet to focus on running Android and GNU Linux on the same device at the same time.



Marc Naddell

Vice President, MediaTek Labs, MediaTek

marc_naddellMarc leads the global team creating an ecosystem for MediaTek, including programs that provide development resources, product information and support for 3rd parties such as developers, makers and partners who are creating the next generation of innovative wearable devices, applications and Internet of Things products for enterprise and/or consumer opportunities. MediaTek Labs provides wearable platforms and SDKs, enabling leading edge products to be created and launched and driving market growth.

Prior to joining MediaTek, Marc held key leadership positions at NAVTEQ, Nokia and Motorola where he led innovation and drove ecosystem initiatives by launching developer and partner programs, new wireless and software based products and patented new technologies.

Marc has 20 patents related to software and wireless products, and holds a Masters in Management (MBA) from the University of Chicago, Illinois.



Yuhsian Pablo Sun

yuhsian_sunYuhsian Pablo Sun is a technical consultant for MediaTek Labs, providing technical support and hands-on leadership expertise in development projects. As a software engineer with 8 years of industrial experience, his works range from embedded system application to Android Linux kernel and even desktop editing and authoring software. Pablo has been in charge of the technical development of core multimedia and 3D applications on resource limited feature phones. On Android he is specialized in framework and kernel memory optimization, performance analysis, and multimedia data path. Prior to MediaTek, Pablo worked at Cyberlink as technical lead for several desktop multimedia software projects, including OEM projects for HP and Olympus.

Pablo holds an MS degree in Computer Science from the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.




Jan Wildeboer

Jwildeboer-defaultOpen Source veteran since 1993, developer, tinkerer, society hacker and Red Hat’s EMEA Evangelist. A lobbyist for more Open everywhere. Transnational citizen with an agenda. But still a nice chap full of positive energy and a thirst for knowledge (and
beer ;-) )





 Asa Dotzler

Asa Dotzler has been participating in Mozilla for over 15 years. Mr. Dotzler is best known for his work as community coordinator for several far-reaching Mozilla programs. He was founder of Mozilla’s Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Program, which grew under his leadership from just a few contributors to tens of thousands of volunteers today. Dotzler is also co-founder of Spread Firefox, where he spearheaded Mozilla’s open source marketing program. He has been an active member of the Mozilla community since 1998. After volunteering with the project for more than a year, Dotzler joined “[email protected]”, the leadership team for the Mozilla organization. Later, he was one of the original hires for the Mozilla Foundation and then Mozilla Corporation. He played a key role in delivering products including the release of Mozilla 1.0 and the release of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail application. Today, Dotzler works to empower contributors to Firefox OS, Mozilla’s mobile operating system.

 Alex Boag-Munroe

A 17 year IT professional and 13 year Unix Systems Administrator, Alex is a happily married Linux hobbyist, grumpy internet user, Star Trek fan and football fanatic.