How Sony Supports and Works With Independent Developers

  • In this session, we will focus on how independent developers and Sony, as a smartphone, tablet and accessory manufacturer, can collaborate through different opportunities and open initiatives. We will also go through the latest and greatest projects from our open GitHub. We will talk about the initiatives and activities we do to support independent developers and opportunities we see ahead. These are some of the topics we want to cover, and get your feedback on, during the weekend.

    In addition, we will also dig a bit deeper and share details of our AOSP (Android Open Source Project) activities. Johan Redestig, Principal Architect within our Software Department, will share some of his experiences from working below, inside and on top of the Androidâ„¢ Open Source Project.

    You will also learn how Sony and independent developers, as well as companies, can create a win-win scenario through our open GitHub projects.

  • August 9-11, Miami, FL


    Eventbrite - XDA:DevCon 2013
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