Bringing the World’s Next 2 Billion People Online

  • The web has been a place of great user freedom – a place where everyone can create and participate regardless of hardware, income, global location or ability. With Open Web Apps Mozilla is bringing its core values — openness, freedom, user choice — to the world of mobile and apps. Until recently, mobile developers either had to pick one platform and ignore the others or learn a number of programming languages and platforms. With apps based on open Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, developers can build rich and immersive experiences that leverage both the power of web technology and the native abilities of a mobile device like the camera, geolocation and vibration. Mobile users – and developers – should not be dependent on specific hardware and software. Come learn how developers can help the next 2 billion users will come online through the mobile web.

  • August 9-11, Miami, FL


    Eventbrite - XDA:DevCon 2013
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